MOONSBLESSINGS Lady Heather Claire

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She sells FAKE spells and does not honour refunds.She has a VERY BAD REPUTATION.

Do not EVER send her money. FAKE LOTTERY SPELLS. FAKE SPIRITS. Just google the name Lady Heather Claire or Moonsblessings and you will see for yourself.

Also check out her feedback on ebay SO MANY NEGS she had to delete her profile. You will find many people who were thoroughly disappointed with the FAKE spells and services she sells. People have spent many 100s of dollars on her so called spells and they DID NO WORK.

MOONSBLESSINGS is one of the biggest SCAMS going.You have been warned.

Review about: Spell.



So let me get this in context..

. you think that a SPELL and a FAKE SPELL are not the same thing? .



I got your email too, you should be ashamed.I bought a luck spell from them, and won $5,000 on a scratch ticket like 3 weeks later.

Anybody that doesn't have to patience and faith in this will fail and I'm sure that's what happened to you all.You should blame yourselves, not the spiritualist that helped you.

to Anonymous #983613

likely story Heather if you could do this everyone would be doing this and would be world famous not hiding behind fake profiles


I am a long time client of Tess and the Mystic Lunar Coven.I HAVE MET HER IN PERSON 3 TIMES.

I had a long term relationship with Christopher from her group! Her name is not Heather. Whoever is doing this is so full of sh*t it's absolutely unbelievable. I know who you are Shaun Farrington.

Every time you try to do this to them I end up getting a message from you on Etsy, and it's the same old tired sh*t.

Why don't you tell everyone about how you STEAL MONEY from all metaphysical sellers, and that this is your little game? You make up this stuff, post it all over the place, the poor people can't do anything to stop it, and then you tell them you want money from them to go away?

Who's the *** artist you ***? She wont' say anything because she will stay above the fray but i'll get in to the pit and fight. I won't stand for this.

How does someone that's a big *** artist have SOOOOOOO MANY people praise her and her work?

How come so many people say it worked?Can't be fake if it works now can it?

Go back to the hole you crawled out of you son of a ***.

to Anonymous #979449

can I get a Skype session to prove its you? I will keep this up for decades unless I'm refunded my $200

Quinn and Jack will find out Franks not their real father everyone who comes in contact with you will know your a thief and not to be trusted

People left feedback on service nothing happened your selling them magic beans and invisible items!

to Anonymous #984146

you say your a long time client who has met Tess then every time you do this you get lots of emails! We are not ***


I just bought jewelry from these people a week ago.How come I'm just now finding out about them.

I don't blame any of you. I just wished I would have know. I had a weird feeling that something wasn't right, but I believe in karma. So I didn't want it to fall on me.

So my feelings was right. Thank you everyone for all the comments. I feel bad for everyone. For the people who have negative things to say about us who believe in magic, mystical beings, good luck or blessings.

And we feel like we need additional help, don't judge us. Just because we're open about help and you're not, so be it. I'm not here to judge, question nor male you all feel bad about how you feel about us. We were hopefully and full of belief.

If she and her family and coventry did this, just believe karna. Don't wish or think of anything harmful to her or family. Stand back, drop it and release it into the universe. I'm not a witch, a prophet or anything.

Just a believer in karma. I had karma come my way both good and bad. Once again, l purchase from her website just 2 weeks ago and didn't know.

The necklace cost me 73.00, but was originally 89.00 or 99.00 with a 10% discount until 12/31/2015.Willingly to hear feedback.


I'm actually kind of hurt even though I didn't spend that much it's just the thought of a *** artist makes me sick to my stomach I'm just lost for words


Lady Claire is at it again.She is posing as Tess.

Lady Claire was apparently her mentor, and she works with a very discrete coven. She told me that she comes from money and doesn't need any of these rare items that she sells.

She is selling on Etsy as Mystic Coven.Her stories are great, and that is why she remains so successful.


You know, what if I said God isn't real? IT'S SOMEONES RELIGION YOU ARE MAKING NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT. How ignorant are you.


I have to question the mentality of anyone who would actually believe that someone selling a "SPELL" could be a scam....Who with any education or common sense would think that this is even possible....A SPELL is not going to do anything, its NOT REAL! USE THE BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU BEFORE YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR OR READ AS RIDICULOUS AS THIS


Note ID change again!Moonsblessins/Lady Heather Claire Peavey and Frank Peavey are at it again.

ID Qadira Byrne is now Illuminated Path Spells on etsy and also Mystic Coventry on etsy.

This is Heather and Frank Peavey who were kicked off eBay as moonsblessings and veritas fideslis spellcastings as well as many other ID's.As soon as their angry ex customers catch on to their new ID they change it.


Yay!finally that fraud has been brought to justice!

I knew she was a fake all along!

I'm glad someone caught her and put her out of business!she was a real ***!


Lunar coven is now closed, its not stopping me, i will get my refund, she needs to know how to deal with the public, the customer is always right!!!

to Forceofnature #731641

That ID is closed like others they did use in the past but Heather and Frank are still selling as Cosmic Guru and Qadira Byrne. They have a website and are on both etsy and Bonanza.


I don't know who's worse, her for ripping people off, or you for being so *** as to pay for such blatant nonsense.Actually I do know who's worse......

the customer.Taking money off idiots isn't a crime.

to Anonymous #730222

its is when you committing advertising fraud, it doesn't matter what she selling, some churches sell candles and for them to pray for you, what she advertise is no different than going to buying clothes, and when you return it because she promises a no questions ask policy and says she doesn't care about the money, so why isn't she giving it back then? she could be anyone you buy from, she sells jewelry too, so your statement makes no sense, because she could be selling you a lie with jewelry that isn't real. :eek


She defrauded me of $200. I left it too late to claim my money back through paypal :(


"Debbie", the claim that you visited Lady Heather AKA Heather and Frank Peavey person PROVES you are making a fake review.

Heather first used a photo on eBay of an older woman model claiming it was her. That picture was proved to be one you could purchase from a photo agency. We have screen shots of it and where it came from. On her new site Heather stole various pictures of people from the Internet.

The picture she claimed was her and her daughter was proven in this very post to belong to another. The original photographer even posted this was a stolen photo. So "Debbie" IF you were a legitimate customer and really visited Heather you would know she is not the woman from any picture but a chubby 30ish housewife whose real picture you can find on Facebook by looking up Heather Peavey of Standish Maine. Check out Frank Peavey too since the Qadira Byrne website was registered to him till he made the registration private.

Careful though, both Heather and Frank are sneaky and have been deleting Facebook photos and creating fake profiles.The originals are in screen shot and filed away in case the authorities need them.


I believe in magick, and that there are persons gifted with special powers/talents. And not that I'm setting out to smear anyone - but Lady Heather Claire is NOT one of those gifted psychics/witches!

Back in May 2011 - I purchased a Phychic Reading and '100% Guaranteed Lottery Win' from Lady Heather Claire (when she had her shop on ebay).

The 'reading' was nothing more than the typical run of the mill one produced by many simple astrology/numerology software reports. But I didn't make my [$91 purchase] for the reading anyway - so much as for the '100% Guaranteed Lottery Win' and supposed lucky numbers she provided...

Having been recently widowed at the time -I didn't really have the extra money to spend on such things. But figured that I would either win the lottery in X amount of time (as specified and guaranteed), or get a refund as promised.

I began playing the numbers she provided (consistently & without fail every Wed & Sat since). And when the allotted time (the 75 days in which she assured me I would become rich) came and went -I believed and continued playing them (because she stated on her website to be patient... That sometimes it may just take a little bit longer - and that the longest any of her clients evr had to wait for their riches was around 360-80 days).

SO I WAITED... and waited... AND Waited...

Here we are Sept 2013 - and I'm STILL WAITING!

I recently emailed Lady heather Claire about...

I haven't gone onto ANY OTHER websites prior to this one today to tell the world that this woman (and her husband/partner/cohort) ARE CHARLETONS, LIARS, AND THEIVES!

I gave things more than plenty of time (Over 2 years) to work, and also gave her time/opportunity to do the honorable thing and refund my $91 (as promised when I made the purchase). Well, she didn't. And it wasn't like I demanded she refund it that very day (I listed a week on the Paypal invoice I sent her).

Her time limit came and went with not one peep (not even an apology for having duped me and made off with money that I had to scrimped and save by missing meals - of which I was only having one meal a day... if I was lucky).

Don't give her your money!

You won't get what you pay for, and she certainly won't refund it!

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Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, United States #714802

i think if everyone has forgotten that is illegal to advertise fraud online and hit the FTC board with a complaint as i am.I waited the 6month, and even forgot about the 6 spells i purchased from her, and worked with the ring they sent me for months, and still nothing, you owe me $500 and worse you have set a precedent not just here but on other site forums, how can you sit there and say you have done nothing wrong, when those who back you and even sent new customers to your site, get the shaft when they request a refund after a period of time, i think if you were an honest site you should set that period of 45 days, that way we don't have to fight with you, we just hit the compliant button on paypal, and go from there.

It shows your works are not for helping others but for greed, how sad...and worse, im not going to feel bad when the FTC shuts you down or worse the Attorneys that deal with Advertising fraud which is a federal offense even online takes you for all you got and gives back those who did right while you did wrong..:(


Yes, she stole my money too.But luckily I only sent her $20.

Don't trust this fraudster - she has been exposed as a fake so many times.

I urge anyone who is considering buying form her to read ALL of the posts on here as people have posted actual proof of her fraud.


Shaun they can't sue you because it would mean everything true posted about her here would be revealed in court. It's all bluster and BS just like all the fake posts giving good reviews or saying only one person has a vendetta against her.


Have received both physical threats of lawsuits from both Frank and Heather Peavey Standish Maine please bring it on you thieving nasty people!! Please report them to the police cannot wait for them to go down


Here is PROOF that many of the most current positive reviews about Lady Heather are FAKE and done by her and her hubby Frank. When I posted the screenshot on the other post and posted the info below pissedconsumer homepage showed 175 comments from 54 different IP's. It now says 182 posts with 55 IP's. So only ONE new IP posted yet Heather got several positive reviews, 4 in fact out of 7 posts. ONLY one of these posts was from an IP that had not posted before. I would bet it was the spam post about a money making venture from lizalisa856 totally unrelated to Lady Heather. So take that Chris Rhodes/Heather/Frank! :grin 8)

AND I'm NOT Denny from Falkirk, United Kingdom with IP address

ROTFLMAO :grin :grin :grin You can't read IP addresses off this private website. Only Pissedconsumer can see the IP's. Chris Rhodes/Heather is full of ***


Both Frank and Heather have been exposed as Lunar Coven and Qadira Byrne.Someone should put them in jail for scamming people!

Both sites are owned by Frank Peavey.:(


I know Qadira is a fake because she declined her services to me after she sent me an email back in June to purchase her services.Now don't you think something is wrong here?

They are going under different identities.:(


Check the post on pissed consumer titled "MOONSBLESSINGS Lady Heather Claire, spellcastings weebly, spellcasting weebly, covenmagick, thelunarcoven, Qadira Byrne, Cosmic Guru Coven - Moonsblessings Post PROOF many people posting" to see PROOF how many different people posted on this thread. As of yesterday 54 people in 175 posts.

Not just one person trying to smear Heather and Frank it seems.

Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, United States #706042

So Chris Rhodes/Heather. Again you deflect. First you say all posts are one person, yet Pissedconsumer itself had posted in the HOT TOPIC section yesterday that OVER 40 INDIVIDUALS had posted on this thread. Not just one person.

All rational people realize that you are full of BS. There is one person who started this thread and DOES want Heather forced to stop. He wants his money back. Many others have joined in to speak up against Heather Claire and her STEALING of their money.

You only need to look at moonsblessings feedback her last month on eBay and after to see that she took many people's money and skipped out without providing merchandise or service. Her money back guarantee is a lie she posts to make people buy her items.

I made fun of your post but only because I know it was full of BS.

I an not the person who started this post or any of the others on Heather Claire, moonsblessings, spellcastings weebly, spellcasting weebly, covenmagick, thelunarcoven, Qadira Byrne, Cosmic Guru Coven, etc... but I know a scam and she is it. All those ID's and more as she hides from those she scams.

Beijing, Beijing, China #705702

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin...

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Standish, Maine, United States #705693

OH WAIT! I live in La Quinta, California :grin :grin :grin

Standish, Maine, United States #705690

See Chris Rhodes/Heather :grin :grin :grin oooh, I live in your town! 8) 8) 8)

North Pole, Alaska, United States #705683

Chris, or should I say Heather, your big long email of BS is all fine and good EXCEPT this site allows you to fill in ANY LOCATION MANUALLY.Get that--MANUALLY!

So your whole argument is *** and just another smokescreen for Heather to hide behind.



See the face of the REAL Lady Heather Claire and Qadira Byrne on her Facebook page heather.a.peavey and on the other pissedconsumer post titled ' Spellcasting weebly Moonsblessings'. :eek :grin


All these fake reviews from Heather is really pathetic and desperate.Heather has been exposed in many of her new identities and now will be morphing into even more.

She won't stop because she makes too much money off of scamming people with her fake spells and readings.


You people have nothing better to do than to harras this wonderful and great woman who is TRUE and SINCERE!!Wtf?!

Lady Heather is helping me a lot and she is honest and she really cares for her clients! If a spell dont work for you, too bad!

Get over it and stop with this f*****g lies about her!MF!

to Sareena #705718

Hi Heather! 8) :grin

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #703964

You don't have to believe in magic you have to believe in yourself and find the right person to help.Thad from Lady Heather's group held a reading for me and I won $1 Million Dollars in the lotto.

I had other spells cast by them also with good results.

They always treated me with respect, they were kind, they explained things, they updated me, and I won.I don't know about everybody else, but seeing things like this written about these people is ridiculous and it makes me angry.


They must be stopped immediately and reported to the authorities!These criminals are shameless!

There is NO such person as Qadira Byrne it is a phony alias name, so is Northeast Lunar Coven. This is the BIGGEST scam and heist going and they MUST BE STOPPED NOW! Please DO NOT send these crooks any money! You would be wasting your time they all go to drugs or charity!

They do not do what they promise!:(


Heather and Frank are absolutely Qadira Byrne and theLunarcoven, 100% no doubt.They might have a friend helping them with an ID to bypass site securities but I have seen proof that I can't and won't post here right now that proves this.

It's all being documented.

All it takes is comparing all the listings.Heather is moving back into websites, Bonanza and Etsy with new alternate ID's.


Qadira Byrne is a fake and so is Heather Claire.They are both the same person.

:? :cry and are fraud!I wouldn't waste your hard earned money on her if I were you!

Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom #701224

Now is Qadira Bryne on etsy


She blocked my email address and never bothered to finish the so-called work that I rightfully paid for! NOW THAT'S A FRAUD! :? :cry :(

Houston, Texas, United States #700702

Lady Heather Claire has always answered my emails and been very helpful to me.I have worked with her for several years as well, so I don't know why the endless smear campaign.

I have been very pleased with her readings.

She has even included extra cards and ritual blessings with each reading I've had from her.They are uncannily spot on and I think she is a godsend.


I agree.She never answers emails and is a greedy ***!

All she wants is money that's it! Stay away from this fraud she's a creep! She never finished the contract work I bought from her, lies, cheats, steals and in the past has sent me nasty pathetic emails.

I have complained about the last reading I bought and it was fake, fake, fake!:( I hope she gets what she deserves and goes to jail!


Heather and Frank Peavey are now on Etsy as TheLunarCoven store name owned by Lunar Coventry. No mention of Lady Heather Claire but all the same listings and pictures from the spellcastings weebly site.

to Anonymous #699796

Actually Lady Heather Claire is mentioned by name in the feedback for thelunarcoven on etsy. So its 100% her.

Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom #698175

She is now going by the name of Qadira Byrne

to Anonymous Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #701218

Exactly how do you know that? And do you have proof?.slander pays more then any spell being sold

to Anonymous #701797

Heather and Frank are absolutely Qadira Byrne and theLunarcoven, 100% no doubt.They might have a friend helping them with an ID to bypass site securities but I have seen proof that I can't and won't post here right now that proves this.

It's all being documented.

All it takes is comparing all the listings.Heather is moving back into websites, Bonanza and Etsy with new alternate ID's.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #694131

She defrauded me too, for over $1500 on fake luck charms, portions and lottery numbers that never worked.I wish she gets arrested.

she keeps sending emails to my account saying someone has been defaming her, and the guy keeps threatening her.

I think the best deal for her is to go to JAIL,,!!she is a fraudster..!!!!


Frank and Heather are selling as The Cosmic Guru Coven and were on eBay just recently as co5mic_guru.Their new website is magicspellswicca dot com.

Many of the spells are EXACTLY the same as on spellcasting weebly site Heather runs.

Near word for word.EBay listing format is similiar to what Heather used as Moonsblessings and Veritas Fidelis Spellcasting.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #688310

She is not fake.She is the real deal I recently purchased a spell

from her and it is working great.You guys are just mad because you did not believe.When You believe the spell will work, It will.

to A special customer #829269

Heather why do you post fake reviews everyone knows your the worst *** artist and liar going!


Has any action been taken against Heather and Frank Peavey Standish Maine? Need more people to report them to the police and Tax authorities. Whenever she gets busted just changes their name, needs some charges against them to finally stop them for good

to Anonymous Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #701237

Of course they havent.Its why there wasting everyones time spouting ***.

They would have to admit they believe in magic and worry about what others what a waste of thread either have her arrested or shutup.:roll

Albany, New York, United States #675841

I paid for a ring that did not work. Her spells are worthless. Claire believes it is one person--no--it is many--caveat emptor


She is now on Facebook as Lunar Coven talking about how one man is harassing her.Really?

More than one man has issues with Heather Claire Peavey. She copies other sites and steals photos and listings from others. Heather and her FAKE coven are shameless!

She owns and sites too so watch for those to pop up.She had up long enough for google to index before removing it.


this is whereyour money goes DRUGS "GOOGLE IT" its in the public domain

Heather C. Agger, 29, of Standish, on Running Hill Road at 10:09 a.m., for possession of marijuana


Heather has opened covenmagick dot com with the same listings as spellcastings weebly. She is trying to hide from her fraud that has been exposed.


Lady heather i m also emailing you. The black and white photo of the grandmother with her daughter and grandchild are long standing clients of mine who were greatly annoyed to see their image used in this way.

What you are doing is against the law. the internet is not free from law.


Lets look at her testimonial pics.Google Andrey Yushchenko to see picture she stole and calls 'Connor in Seattle, Washington'.

The man in the pic is actually the spoiled son of a Russian Billionaire, FROM RUSSIA not Seattle. Google man with 'red hair wikipedia' LOL! or 'ginger haired man' to see the photo Heather stole for her fake testimonial from Britt W., Melbourne, Australia. This photo is on HUNDREDS of sites!

Google frank berliner to see his stolen photo used by Heather for fake testimonial from Stephen W., United States. Mr. Berliner is actually a known professor of metaphysical studies with his own website. Bet he would not be happy his image is being used for fraud.

Google 'Myeverydaymagic Amy (Amilita) Hendrickson... Fairy Name: The Fire Fairy' to see Amy whose photo Heather stole to use for her FAKE TESTIMONIAL from Carry in Leeds, U.K. Google 'true-identity-theft Who Are These People?' and scroll through photos to find the pic of the girl who Heather calls Bethany, Falls Church, Mass. This SAME photo has been used on over 300 sites.

It is an open source 'morgue file' photo. Oh Heather!

You are so BUSTED!Show

to Malice Mustard #644490

grow up ***

to karma ketchup #644927

use you own name ***


well with *** comments like that you deserve a spell

in jail





New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #643459

The only spells that ultimately, long-term work are evil spells and you don't need Lady ...Anybody to cast them for you.

When they do work, and you owe your soul and everything else you own to "Zelda the Good Witch", you will run to the only person who can clean that cr@p up for you and pull you out of the fire you built around yourself. If you believe that you can cast "good and evil" spells without consequences or repercussions, wait until everything goes horribly bad for you, and can't scrub the "reap what you sow" off with muratic acid!! Then you will find out, like I did, who will get your butt out of the he1l you life will become!!

This is a friendly warning from a idi0t who had to learn the hard way.

You can take this or leave it; I've done my part to help you prevent disaster in your life-free of charge.Via *** Dios

to karmaain'tthe***,occultis New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #643469

BTW Boys and Girls:

I don't want to argue about this posting with anyone.

I am from New Orleans where we have voodoo shops or fortune tellers or witches and warlocks or some kind of sayer on every other block. Most everyone here has had some kind of experience with sacrifices or money exchange to alter a situation in our favor. I know the results and eventual outcome of many, many people in these matters.

I won't be passing this way again. Good luck with your future choice.


this has really infuriated me that you have lied all along heather to all these people just to gain money you have no soul and no morals ,now this is whats going to happen the authoritys will be informed and i hope you get whats coming to you


Lets look at her testimonial pics.:p :p Google Andrey Yushchenko to see picture she stole and calls 'Connor in Seattle, Washington'.

The man in the pic is actually the spoiled son of a Russian Billionaire, FROM RUSSIA not Seattle. :eek :eek Google man with 'red hair wikipedia' LOL! :grin or 'ginger haired man' to see the photo Heather stole for her fake testimonial from Britt W., Melbourne, Australia. This photo is on HUNDREDS of sites!

:upset :grin Google frank berliner to see his stolen photo used by Heather for fake testimonial from Stephen W., United States. Mr. Berliner is actually a known professor of metaphysical studies with his own website. Bet he would not be happy his image is being used for fraud.

:eek :eek Google 'Myeverydaymagic Amy (Amilita) Hendrickson Fairy Name: The Fire Fairy' to see Amy whose photo Heather stole to use for her FAKE...

:) :grin ,) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x Oh Heather!You are so BUSTED!

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Moonsblessings , Lady Heather Claire, Spellcastings weebly, veritas fidelis spell casting, Heather Agger Peavey, Frank Peavey, is a BIG SCAM ARTIST!No doubt she is creating other sites right now since her cover has been blown.

She is a 30ish stay at home mom from Standish Maine, not a world traveling magickal philanthropist.She has changed her profile pictures and back story bio numerous times to *** buyers.


Heather has stolen the new introduction for her spellcasting weebly site from 7witchescoven and even left their name in for search because they are a large site. This woman is SHAMELESS!


To see where Heather copied her 'Sudanese Chalice Of Kings, And Queens' listing from google CHALICE OF IMMORTAL BEINGS.


I forgot Lord Kai. Google 'Boris Dumas' to see where Heather stole his picture from. I wonder if this guy knows Heather is using his picture?

to CAUGHT! #642840

:x well lets ask him

to karma ketchup #642843

he know now


LMAO :grin


Heather's a loser :x


I bet Heather is deleting photos and changing her website name yet again. Give it up. This is sad!


I knew the coven was fake as PRESS ON NAILS.But thanks confirming it 100% with those helpful links.

I wonder if she will come back to defend herself ??LOL :p


I could go on and on posting links to sites where Heather has stolen her blog posts and item listings from.I did it once before on here but URL links are not allowed and all the posts were removed.

So now I just will give Google search terms to match up pictures and item listings. NOTHING Heather moonsblessings spellcastings weebly posts is her original content.

She steals everything from other sites.She is a FRAUD!


Google emily cromarty photography #danimariano to see the stolen photo used for fake coven member Donovan


Google the phrase Contemporary Pagan at Chalice Well Park, Glastonbury Photo taken August 1991 and see where Heather stole the photo image she says is coven member Lady Sarah-Brynn. This is just sad! Stolen content seems to be all Heather can post.


Google Deviant Arts for member ~erzebeth-rouge and her gallery 'Viking Stuff' to see the stolen pic used by Heather to represent 'Lady Contessa Lovecroft'. Heather is such a fraud! LOL!


See site signalscv and google signalscv and the phrase "Local woman aims to change image of pagans" to see the pic Heather stole of a woman in California named Nancy White and says is coven member 'Lady Dawn'. Want more? LOL!


Google #caitlynmeyer??#me??#personal??#tattoos??#inverted cross??#finger tattz??#derp??#abalone??#blue eyes??#summer??#summer hair??#ombre?? to see the stolen pic of coven member Marisse Morningstar who sells on etsy and has a blog on tumbler. whitebuffalowoman


To see 'Heather' and her family google susan darcy Photography and 3-generations-women.Again a fake!

Bad Heather!LOL!


The image of 'Lord Thiad' is from a site on 'older men hair styles'.Srveral sites actually.


Google the term

Older-Mens-Hairstyles-2012_42 to see just one of many.Caught in fraud Heather!


Well will you put up ONE photo of this coven you are supposed to have?One clear photo with at least 3 of the members standing together?

No you wont. Because the coven is FAKE. The pics you have of the supposed coven members are stolen from the web. LYING FRAUDSTER.

Don't send her money.*** ARTIST

to Amanda #642497

I'll gladly post a picture.I have to take one, but I can accomplish that as early as this evening.

Where would you like me to share it with you?Why don't you email me and I'll gladly give you a picture.

to Lady Heather #642503

Put the photo on your weebly website - the coven standing together.Clear photo with faces showing, not a photo of people standing in a circle with faces not showing.

The faces must be showing clearly.Thank you.

to Lady Heather #642822

YOU ARE A PROVEN FAKE. :eek :eek :eek

to Lady Heather Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #643449

Lady heather i m also emailing you. The black and white photo of the grandmother with her daughter and grandchild are long standing clients of mine who were greatly annoyed to see their image used in this way.

What you are doing is against the law. the internet is not free from law.


You Sir are just ridiculous, and that is the only way to put it without more colorful, and unnecessary language. The assumptions you jump to are foolish.

To whomever may read this - All on my mailing list were informed of a change that I made. I worked as a sole practitioner as well as with the aid of my Coventry, which is the Northeast Lunar Coven. They always worked for me "behind the scenes" so to speak.

I asked them, all talented and lovely individuals in their own right if they'd like to become a more vocal, and directly involved part of my/our online work. The name change and new website was solely to re-introduce us in a more accurate way. Instead of it being all about me, under the moniker "MoonsBlessings" we chose to use our full Coven name.

You've never shaken me or bothered me with your incessant nagging, hundreds of vulgar emails each day, and your silly little posts "Shaun Farrington", and you never will. Have a bright and happy day!


The fraudster changed the name of her cheap weebly website to SPELLCASTINGS WEEBLY to hide from all the negative comments.Why else would a business change their name????

She is a dirty STINKING THIEF with a fake coven.



Heather is now working under a new alias Lunar Coventry or Lady Contessa please avoid them!


As "Lady Heather Claire" has changed the name of her fake website a new complaint has been added to pissed consumer - ALL those who have been defrauded by her and their money stolen for fake spells should comment on the SPELLCASTINGS WEEBLY thread on pissed consumer.She has also altered her name to Lady H.

Claire so all the complaints about her surfacing on the web can't be linked to her. Where is my money HEATHER CLAIRE ??

You are damned THIEF.This is her new FAKE site, still selling the same old YARD SALE JUNK pretending they are powerful magickal objects.


:sigh :sigh :sigh Lady Heather Claire is a total fake and fraud.Nothing I bought from her worked.

My life got worse. I asked for my money back and she ignored me. I wish I had seen this review before I bought from her fake spellcastings. I find out she is a total liar.

not even a exproffesor like she brags but a fat stay at home mother in her 20s.I saw her real facebook Heather Agger :eek :eek :(


I am just livid with moonsblessings!She suggests other trusted long time sellers she copied actually copied from her but it's all a BIG LIE!

I know of the sellers she has copied. I am actually personal friends with two sellers who she has copied from. I have met one of these sellers in person on many occasions and spoken with the other by phone many times over several years and I trust them totally. Moonsblessings has several listings copied exactly from them on her site right now.

Neither have been contacted by moonsblessings at all so that is a big lie too. I have encouraged them both to come here and post. One who has been copied a lot says they are reporting the plagiarism directly to the site host and will not bother writing to moonsblessings. Moonsblessings takes listings from these others and puts pictures of cheap *** in place of the rare REAL jewelry pieces in the original listings.

She checks these other sellers sites and chooses listings of items that have sold for big money because they are rare and valuable.Moonsblessings IS A FRAUD!


Yes, I agree with this warning. I too was conned by this woman, her spells didn't work and she doesn't answer emails. :(


I am going to start a new thread on several "pissedconsumer" type sites to warn against your new weebly site, with its new name.I believe these sites warn people and prevent them from making silly purchases of fake items.You frequently change the name of your sites ( remember veritas spell castings etc?

) This is another sure sign of fraud and running from the truth. I am going to list ALL the articles you have for sale and how long they have been available for sale - this will prove that you are NOT as popular as you like to make people believe. Your fake "Magickals" simply aren't selling. You have to change your ways and stop defrauding people - the people who buy your fake items are desperate usually and not thinking straight: that is why they make such foolish decisions they later regret.

I almost don't blame you for what you are doing. You saw people on ebay charging huge amounts for fake occult items that cost them a few dollars and the *** for money can can draw people into copying such fraud. You are a greedy and immoral person. Face the truth and change your ways...

One more thing: on your new site you have a silly badge saying "elected spellcaster of the year". This is another sign of fraud. There is no such thing as "spellcaster of the year awards"..

These badges are designed to add credibility to fake sites such as yours.I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPOSE YOU.

to Heather Claire Fraud #619410

There is surely no convincing you. I understand that. Some of our magickals sell, but they don't "fly off the shelves", that's not the idea, nor do I expect them to, especially the higher priced stuff, which is priced that way for a reason, generally a high acquisition cost. Usually what does sell is lower priced items, maybe 1 or 2 a week.

As for the scorpion amulet - I hope you don't think that these items grow on trees in my back yard! :o) I acquire these pieces through various sources, some that I have worked with for a long time. Even I, with some regularity, bring in an item, and when it arrives it is definitely not what I was told that it was. It's part of life, and I move on without harboring the anger you do, but then again, to each their own I suppose. The amulet came to me from China, oddly enough. A friend of mine that lives in Taiwan knew of a person selling some magickal items, and I purchased a few through that connection. The scorpion amulet had really nice energies, I thought, and thus I made it available, and it was purchased.

Yes, I do remember my other names. The one your reference was actually vertias-fidelis-spellcastings. In a free society I should think I would have every right to change my name if I wanted to, shouldn't I? When I did so, I didn't sign up on eBay as a new seller, or anything, I just changed the name, and all of my feedback (99% of which was positive) came with the name change.

I think I'm probably just...

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I want to answer a few of your points.I don't want to discuss anything privately with you as I feel that the public should hear both sides.

So let's speak openly here, or elsewhere. Please answer me about the Scorpion Pendant you sold for $100s claiming it was antique when they can be purchased from China for $2? Please answer this: if you have thousands of happy customers why aren't your "magickals" selling? Surely they would sell out pretty quickly if people had great experiences with you?

You say, and I quote " I don't expect to make a penny off of providing a service for you, that would seem obvious.".. I wouldn't pay you a dime for any service; yes, it does seem obvious, so why mention it? . Let me explain my anger towards you directly as you claim not to understand it - I know you to be a fraud and I want you to stop.

If you need to make money by all means sell crystals at a mark up or do tarot readings. Just don't make outrageous claims and sell junk as powerful occult items for very high prices.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you would ANSWER the questions above, especially the one concerning the Scorpion Pendant you fraudulently sold as an antique when it was worth $2.....More to follow...


Heather - You and I both know that you made ridiculous claims, sold items that were 100% NOT what you claimed them to be.Do you remember the scorpion wealth pendant you sold claiming it was antique?

You sold it in a box for several $100. I discovered the EXACT same pendants - I can provide links, for sale from china for a few dollars. The sad fact is I think you really believe you do have powers and that your "embellishment" and outrageous stories you attach to items aren't important. If you can make people millionaires and have illuminati items why do you use a cheap free website?

Why did you have so many negatives on ebay? Why aren't your items selling if you have so many happy customers? I know you need to make money - but you shouldn't sell junk as valuable occult items when they are NOT. Stick to the tarot reading or something if you need to make money and stop all your LIES about powerful occult items.

All you want is money. You're greedy and you will tell lies to get cash from silly desperate people. When someone pays you 100s of dollars for your fake *** that's money they could have spent on their family, their kids. And your charity comment is utterly absurd.

You can claim to give money to charity but you can't prove it.And no one cares if you have been on skype - that proves nothing whatsoever.


Unfortunately, "Shaun", plagiarism is a wide spread issue on the internet. The internet is largely an un-policed open forum that allows for things like that to transpire. I have actually reached out to 4 different "providers" (I only use parenthesis because I cannot confirm their identities) to ask them about their listings that do not mimic mine in a 100% identical fashion, but are close enough to make me wonder, and have not gotten any responses. If someone were to approach me with such accusations I'd take it seriously. Sadly, these people have chosen not to. I know that your anger towards me (Which I still don't understand) lends you to immediately assume it was me that copied something. It was not. All of my material is dated, and often hand written. I keep strong records of these things.

Of course I am telling the truth, "Shaun", I'm not the least bit fearful of all of these silly threats. I live a completely honest life and do things the right way, financially and otherwise.

You're not the only skeptical person, it comes with the gig, so to speak. That's why I set up a skype account - I have had face to face conversations with people that were skeptical about my authenticity.

Let me just say this - I fully, completely understand where it comes from. I really do. I'm not just patronizing you by saying this. It's SO EASY for somebody to claim to be something that they are not, especially to profit from it. This goes back to my take on the...

At any rate - I really would encourage you to write to me, let's talk on skype, or any other messenger if it appeals to you.

Trust me when I say this - I don't expect to make a penny off of providing a service for you, that would seem obvious. If that's the case, why the efforts on my part to even engage you in a conversation? Especially on an open forum? Clearly I'm not as financially driven as you imagine. I donate 30-40% of my proceeds to various charities every year (And yes, again, that's a provable fact).

I wish we could have a cordial relationship. Not for any benefit, but just because I believe in peace.

Take care.

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STILL SHAMELESS! Now that you have made an appearence would you PLEASE explain the PLAGIERISM that was pointed out - there were SEVERAL examples given in this thread of your copying other sellers descriptions of so called "Magickals". And I hope you are telling the truth about your paying taxes all those long years you were defrauding people on ebay with your filthy lies and crazy promises of "millionaire " potions etc and cheap Chinese 1 $ garbage - because you will be investigated.


Oh "Shaun Farrington" you never cease to amaze me with your vitriol. You sincerely do not have anything better to do with your time? If anything, truthfully, I wish that you had the testicular fortitude to have a basic, human conversation with me. I have no idea, none what so ever, what I ever did to make you so angry.

I have done nothing wrong, illegal, or unethical. My taxes are paid every 3 months. Nobody is "hiding" - I informed each and every one of my clients about my new website :o) I think it looks great, and the people that aren't filled with anger seem quite pleased with what services they're receiving.

I know there is no convincing you, but at the very least you can save yourself from this "we will bring you down" thing, and all of the fake names/emails that you send to us through the site. The site shows us that they call come from your exact IP address. It's just you and your disillusion.

If you ever want to settle this little tiff, or have a grown up conversation with me I'm open to that. You clearly know how to reach me.

Until then, be blessed friends!


Well, I'm sure a new thread will have to be started in order to warn people about this shameless fraudster - no matter what her disguise, I will make sure people know her for the LIAR and Thief she/he is, who preys on the vulnerable.I wonder if she declared her earnings when she was defrauding people on ebay - I'll be reporting her.

The tax authorities can look into it.:grin


She is now selling at 'spellcastings' on weebly instead of moonsblessings. Same copied listings and more.


Lady H. Claire


The Matriarch of the Northeast Lunar Coven with more than 40 years of combine experience as a Mystical Practitioner, High Priestess, Reiki Healer, Psychic Medium, and Collector of The Paranormal.

Her experience is deeply wide ranging. She's a Master of magickal theories from all continents of the World. She's a world traveler, and published author, and extremely dedicated Philanthropist within her community. Lady Claire has been featured in numerous publications since 1973.

Lord Thiad Duarte


High Priest and Patriarch of The Northeast Lunar Coven. Lord Duarte has 35 years of experience within The Craft. Lord Thiad is an advanced Alchemist, student of the Illuminati, and various worldwide esoteric practices. He is an energy worker with a focus in healing, advanced ritual work, and unusual empowerment. His dedication to The Craft is second to none. He has made it his life's path, goal, and journey to assist those in need of his unique gift.

Lady Dawn


Lady Dawn has 19 years of ongoing, full time experience within The Craft. Her focus is, and has always been energy workings within the realms of love, friendships, relationships, self love, self awareness, and spiritual connectivity. She is a published author, and accomplished Psychic Medium.

Marisse Morningstar


Marisse Morningstar is a tenured member of The Northeast Lunar Coven with...



Donovan is the youngest member of our Coventry, but without question is a very special, very capable, wise beyond his years young Man, who is very dedicated to, and passionate about the work that we do. His advancements are worthy of his nickname - "The Prodigy". Donovan makes energy work seem easy. His natural abilities are absolutely off the charts.

Lady Raven


Lady Raven has been a full time member of The Northeast Lunar Coven since 1997. Her tireless dedication has touched countless lives. Lady Raven is a certified Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Seer, Fortune Teller, and experienced Tarot Master. Lady Raven's ritual focus is, and will continue to be largely sexual. She is exceptionally gifted working within the realms of individual sexual needs, wants, and desires, body augmentation, self love and self sexuality, connectivity for individuals and couples, alternative lifestyles, sexual satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Lord Kai


Lord Kai has been a practitioner of the mystical arts his entire life, beginning with an understanding of his given abilities at the tender age of 11. From the time of his discovery, Kai has held a deep passion for traveling the world, learning and studying many culture's various implementations and magickal disciplines, and collecting, researching, and using the powers of metaphysical curiosities such as Angel, Dragon, Djinn, Vampire, and more. Lord Kai began his apprenticeship at age 15, and has nearly 24 years of experience in many mystical denominations.

Contessa Lovecroft


Lady Contessa has been a member of The Northeast Lunar Coven since 2002. She is an advanced, dynamic alchemical worker, light worker, psychic, and natural/organic craft work enthusiast. Contessa is a very well rounded, eager member of our Coven that is accomplished within all realms of metaphysical practice. Her track record of success is flawless.

Lady Contessa is an advanced practitioner within the specific fields of sexual energy, internal advancements and individual improvement, stress, anxiety, and depression management, healing, and other advanced ritual sets.

Lady Sarah-Brynn


Lady Sarah-Brynn is a dynamic personality, advanced ritual worker, psychic medium, and student of The Craft. She has worked tirelessly since discovering the abilities that were granted to her.

Lady Sarah-Brynn has felt, and understood her life's purpose as long as she can remember, and has become a dynamic, powerful Wiccan Practitioner. Lady Sarah-Brynn is an exceptionally talented energy worker within the fields of financial benefit, independence, and providing hope, love, and prosperity to those most in need.

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Really has justice been served on this *** artist?No one is fooled with this aliases she comes up with leaping to her defence, contacted everyone on her facebook list no one has had success or anything work!

Cannot believe her scamming has gone on for so long!

Threatened me with a lawsuit for trying to expose her, please bring it on!!!

Stop hiding behind your fake profile and the net

to Shaun Farro scambuster #642959

there on facebook


I am glad we have finally got her prosecuted and taken off line. She was a nasty piece of work. We have succeeded :zzz :grin


Well I for one am very glad they have been taken off the web and prosecuted. :grin

to frank peavey and heather peave #608263

but is it frank peavey ,heather agger peavey (supposed step daughter )married couple or

frank peavey sr (who takes the payments through paypay)

anyway none of my items have worked over a long period of time


It looks like her weebly site has been pulled for is no longer on the web.

I hope law enforcement are investigating her.

Maybe I will get some of my money she stole back.:roll


strange how the last 3 people on here sticking up for the notorious FRAUD Moonsblessings come from "Old Town, Maine"...the exact same place as "Lady Heather Claire".

Moonsblessings is a fraud and a plagiarist - all the proof is available below if you read the comments and follow the links.

You can see where she stole her "spells" and "magickal" item descriptions from.She is a well known THIEF and LIAR.

Richardson, Texas, United States #606652

My question is.Why?Would anyone send money to a person for these type's of service's.This person is so "FAKE".What you need to do is place your "WANT'S and NEED'S in the care of the "LORD JESUS".The answered "PRAYER'S ARE FREE OF CHARGE".

Old Town, Maine, United States #606645

Sad sad sad so false so untrue.Heather is a mircale worker and lovely person.

Do not listen to the evil.So wrong.

to Marish Khar #607510

Of course this is Heather slinking in to make a fake statement about how wonderful she is and how it's all one evil person harassing her.


Why won't you answer your past customers Heather?Where are their refunds?

Why do you leave plagiarized content up on your site? The Attorney General of Maine wants to know too!

Have you got your letter from him yet?It's coming.

Old Town, Maine, United States #602020

I should have read everything before I posted. Sure, I asked her for a refund (And got one) but I can't see this person being what is being claimed here. What a lighting rod, huh?

This seems really unnecessary and slanderous.

Old Town, Maine, United States #602016

I didn't feel as though the spell casting that I ordered worked. When I asked for help she was willing to re-cast the spell, was very kind and helpful, and promptly sent me back my refund.

I wouldn't say I'm a "pissed consumer", but I googled her and saw all of this. I wanted to chime in.


Crystal is full of ***.If you go to the front home page of pissedconsumer it shows this topic about moonsblessings is the number two hot topic with 24 INDIVIDUAL POSTERS in 73 posts.

So NOT all the posts are from the same person.Just Heather/Crystal and 23 others.


Wont Lady Heather Claire the THIEF come back to explain the PLAGIARISM and FRAUD that has been exposed, with proof, on this website????And to "Crystal" I ask you this question - are all the MANY negative feedbacks she got on ebay also from "the same person".

Will the LIAR lady Heather come back here and explain???PLAGIARIZER and *** Artist.


Thank you for showing us that all of these complaints are coming from the same person.Mental health is obviously and issue for this person.

What a loser.Go get a job and leave Lady Heather alone.


Anyone had any success getting their money back ? Has moonsblessings been arrested yet?


Come here and answer these claims made against you.Explain why so much text on your weebly site is similiar to that found on other sites.

Lets hear your side of the story.Answer those seeking refunds.


She honestly doesn't realize how ridiculous she shows herself to be. She loved ebay while she was defrauding people and making lots of money, then she hated it when her account was suspended for fraud. I know for a fact many of her so called antique items were $1 junk from China.


I have contacted haunted curiosities to inform them of moonsblessings fraud.They now know that they are being copied.

This is incontrovertible proof that MOONSBLESSINGS is a fraud and all her junk jewelry is just that - cheap powerless junk.Don't ever buy from moonsblessings - it is a money making fraud



Uddingston, Scotland, United Kingdom #594607

she says "To be clear - My money back guarantee is the same that it has always been: Voice any dissatisfaction, at any time, and I shall refund your money." EVERYONE who bought from her on ebay knows this to be a LIE .In the small print it actually said only HALF your money would be refunded.

She sold me fake items.She is simply out to make money - that is her only concern : MONEY.


Since moonsblessings has posted she will stand behind her refund policy on the referenced forum, I suggest anyone seeking a refund join and post their request there. Sometimes a public shaming in front of peers can give good results.


Please just stop scamming people! If you could do everything you claim to do you would be world famous not hiding behind fake profiles, making threats and having to constantly justify yourself. You scammed me I am trying to stop you scamming anyone else, where is my refund?


thank you i am not scared of her.i will do the right thing and report her.

I thank those who gave me information on how to report her. i pray that my money is returned and she may be in jail.

please may the others who are defrauded by moonsblessings also report her also.i strongly believe in karma for moonsblessings that she will brought to justice


Don't let trolls or moonsblessing scare you.Complaining about a business that scammed you is not illegal.

That is why sites like this are legal. No one is going to jail for publicly expressing their opinion about a transaction but moonsblessings may be fined and sanctioned by the Attorney General of Maine if all who have issues with her complain. There is a 4 year statue of limitations so many of her eBay customers are still able to file complaints.

Moonsblessings is trying to huff, puff and bluff you into not reporting her.Don't fall for it!

Emporia, Kansas, United States #592115

She'll never say anything like this, she's way too honorable for that, but I'm not ....You are SCREWED, tough guy.

The hammer is coming down soon. Heather has been filing a case against you for almost a year! I filled out a witness statement, and I was only one of over a thousand!

***!Going to suck in jail!


Can some kind person please tell me inform how i can get my money back from lady heather?i do not live in USA but she sell me a false item a djinn ring .

i paid so much for this ring . i believed she was real. but the ring is very cheap and has no djinn i have had ring for more than a year and it has no power. what address can i complain to to report her please?

i am upset that she can steal from me.she never answer my email

to Abdul #591652

Several suggestions for you--Try calling the District Attorney's office in her area.Also you can file a police report on the phone or on line in her town.

If she sold you a ring claiming it was gold, silver or jewels or a real antique and it was not, then this is a fraud that they can pursue. The Djinn aspect is another matter. Some areas do have laws on the books pertaining to psychics and fraud. She could also be in trouble for using the mail to send you the item.

It is considered a form of mail fraud to use a psychic scam to get money. Both New York state and Florida state have successfully prosecuted big cases recently against fraudulent psychics. You also might have a good case for consumer fraud since she did not adhere to her refund policy. You could file a small claims lawsuit against her easily if you have a friend or relative in the USA.

Best if they are in her state but since she is a business you might be able to file in any state they live.Then she would need to come to that state for court or probably lose by default.


HEATHER SPEAK-My name is Lady Heather Claire.I am a recognized, and registered master level practitioner of the mystical, a psychic medium, healer, and professor.

From 2007-2011 I offered my services on the well known site eBay. During that time I was able to accrue over 5,000 positive feedback, and touch the lives of many. I have chosen to leave eBay behind because of choices they have made. Their greed mongering has lead me to a more peaceful place outside of their walls.

TRANSLATION-My name is Heather A.

P.. I pretend to be a recognized, and registered master level practitioner of the mystical, a psychic medium, healer, and professor but am really a 30ish stay at home unemployed woman. From 2007-2011 I offered my services on the well known site eBay. During that time I was able to make thousands of dollars and accrue many negative feedback, and have many unhappy customers.

I have been booted off eBay because of my outrageous claims that yardsale *** and cheap costume jewelry are gold, diamonds and antiques with special powers.My greed mongering and outrageous lies have lead me to being banned from many sites like Ebay, Bonanza and Etsy and stuck with a crappy little free website where I offer items I have copied from other sites.

Emporia, Kansas, United States #590889

I have had nothing but really great experiences with Heather.

I have two of her entities, a marid and a protection stone and they have been very active and i love them.


I just checked those listings and it is clear she copy and pasted another seller's listing.A sure sign of fraud.

I am going to do my best expose this fraudster to everyone. Moonsblessings and Lady Heather Claire are trash. They defraud people of their hard earned cash. I wonder how she will explain her plagiarism ??

Will she come back here to explain it?I doubt it :grin

to Heather Clair the fraud #590688

She will probably claim all the other sites copied her.


Heather says in her latest listing she has only ever seen 10 real Djinn in her entire life yet she offers 7 on her site now? WHAT? :eek LOL! This is because she steals listings from other sites but tends to be a bit slow in actually reading what she copies. :roll Cut and paste is so easy don't you know? LOL! :grin

LOL! at Troy(Heather?)! What an 'expert' :roll

to Not an *** Boise, Idaho, United States #590029

You most certainly are an ***. One of epic proportion.

to Troy #590037

but that still does not change that the spells and items do not work thats why were here complaining until something is done about it

to Troy #590698

Heather is certainly a plagiarist of epic proportions.

Boise, Idaho, United States #589211

I read through all of this and I can't believe what I am reading.

First let me just say that I am a computer technician and software developer for a Fortune 500 company. It took me about 10 minutes to pull the range IP address on each of these complaints. Boy oh boy what a coincidence that they ALL come from the same exact IP Address?!

In Lehman's terms: All of these complaints are coming from the exact same place. If I dug further I'm sure I could isolate them all down to one computer. What does this mean? It means one *** is posting all of this stuff about a Woman I absolutely love like a Mother, all under different aliases. Go find something better to do with your time LOSER!

Heather is a compassionate, beautiful, calm, patient Woman that is a treasure to us all. Shame on you if you believe any of this!

to Troy #589246

this is not true people have a right to complain if they see nothing for there money which they have parted with on the pre- text that spells and items purchased work,anyone can talk to there blue in the face but that does not change the reality of the spells or items not working,and as for cursing people we can all do that but that does not change the facts of non - working spells or items and yes she might be a nice woman but people feel dissapointed and angry that there items and spells dont work,as for the ip address saga it is not all the same person it goes back to (pissed consumers server) which will be the same address you keep getting, sort things out properly then you wont get complaints :roll

to the watcher #589257

and it also says in the faq section

please contact me and I will give you a 100% refund. Item must be returned within 30 days. I cannot give refunds after 30 days, as the spell or spirit may be fully bound to your energies,

to Troy #589677

Is this another one of Heather Claires aliases? It was Lilly Bernal last time.

to Shaun Farro #589716

yes she seems to change personalitys every time some one complains people would not complain if the dam items and spells worked,if things were sorted out properly in the first place we wouldnt be here complaining ,its not a money making exercise people want genuine help :roll

to Troy #607193

Pull the other one Heather!


She sold me a djinn ring.then i get the ring in the post and it is a very cheap ring not worth any money and i follow instructions as the lady clare said i should and there is no djinn or no power.

she says it takes time and i wait patient for the outcomes i hope for but nothing happen at all. i wish i had read these reviews before i waste my money on her. i will be reporting her to the police in the USA but i do not live in USA.

please friends help me, how do i report her if i am not resident in USA??i would like her to go to jail and i would like my money back

Anniston, Alabama, United States #587836

Anyone who pays money for a spell deserves to be ripped off.

to What? #588162

with comments like that you just as bad as the seller i dont suppose youve been in a difficult position


Yes, she stole my money too and made so many promises.She keeps asking for MORE money to do more powerful spells.

Then she acts as if I have insulted her when I tell her the spells didnt work and could I please have a refund.I lost a LOT of money on moonsblessings Lady Heather Claire and her scam artist spells.


Carla, Have you looked at her feedback on ebay?She is a fraud.

I know this for a fact - she was selling a $1 scorpion pendant from China claiming it was an antique wealth spell - she was selling it for 100s of dollars. Not a single one of her spells worked for me and she has not honored her refund policy. Lady Heather Claire is a FRAUD who steals money from the gullible. She also sells so called beauty potions with pictures of people before and after plastic surgery - she LIES and claims it is her fake so called potion that caused the change.

You would have to be a real *** to believe her spells.I WANT MY MONEY BACK LADY HEATHER CLAIRE FRAUDSTER!!!

Mission Viejo, California, United States #586551

Reading this absolute *** about Heather makes me so angry!!I had Heather cast two spells for me and THEY BOTH WORKED GREAT.

I wasn't able to have a baby. She cast a fertility spell for me, and within 6 months I was pregnant with my twin girls. Heather also helped me win money that I really needed. It wasn't more than I needed, it was exactly what I needed and it's been nothing but positive!!

God, I wish I could shake the person writing this stuff.

We all know how you are "Shawn Farrington" - You're the fraud you psychopath!Do something with your life instead of harassing a hard working, BEAUTIFUL person like Heather.

to Carla #601343

If she was really capable of doing all this, everyone would be using her services and on chat shows and the like not hiding behind the internet and fake profiles, names etc we are not ***!


Moonsblessings is still ignoring me.She has stole my money.

Paypal say I have left it too late to get my money back. So basically Lady Heather Claire the fraudster got away with STEALING my money and not one of her spells worked. All her spells failed. I don't even think she casts spells - she just takes the money.

I also contacted weebly - the cheap free site she uses for her Fraud.

But they haven't got back to me yet.I WANT MY MONEY BACK FRAUD!!!!!!!!!


Moonsblessings and Lady Heather Claire do not honor the so called "money back guarantee" .Where is my money?

I want it back . None of those *** so called spells worked and I was left with no money.

I am so angry!!!SHE STOLE MY MONEY

to Caroline #584736

refunds can be done with paypal if payed through them

not honering a money back guarantee is not right full stop get in contact with weebly and tell them also read there terms

people buy items so they work not to be ripped off "no excuses" :(

and you cant guarantee 100% testomonials mean nothing if there fixed

play fair and be honest

to Caroline #585512

Why would you not write to me, Caroline, yet you'd choose to say something on such a trashy website? Email me, and I'll gladly resolve this with you:


Don't listen to the LIES of Lady Heather Claire.She says she has more than 30,000 happy clients.

Yet she never sells any of the ugly jewelry she has in the "magickals" section of her website. Surely her impressed former clients would be buying these items if they had good experiences with her. MOONSBLESSINGS and LADY HEATHER CLAIRE stole my money and did not refund when I told her her spells did not work. She stopped answering my emails.

She is a *** ARTIST none of her spells work. Please research her, as all the others are saying - she is a well known FRAUD.

She knows people are vulnerable and will send her money if she is kind to them and tells them she can help them.She is a disgraceful THIEF and LIAR


Here she is with her lies.These sites are not senseless or irresponsible.

The exist to protect people from scam artists like YOU "Lady Heather Claire". You are a fraudster who preys on the vulnerable. None of your spells work. You sell beauty potions and other ridiculous items like lottery spells.

I have been keeping a close eye on your silly little website and I have noticed you haven't sold ANY of your so called "magickals".

If you were so powerful and had 1000s of happy clients then your magickals would sell out very fast.But we all know you are a fraudster, a fake who loves to STEAL the money of VULNERABLE people


Stuart, Florida?

How can one take a website like this seriously? I live in Maine. Not Florida.


Websites, such as this, that give voice to people like this are senseless, and irresponsible. I'm astonished in reading these messages, after having them be brought to my attention.

First, and foremost - I am absolutely not on eBay, and "cosmic guru" is not me. This categorically false.

The messages I am seeing, about me "stealing" money, and being a "fraud" are appalling. I sincerely hope that anybody reading this minusha would have the wherewithal to make their own choices intelligently, or would at the very least write to me.

I offer a full, 100%, no questions asked money back policy for any purchase. End of discussion.

Furthermore - The person that has chosen, evidently, out of sheer boredom, and a lack of anything worthwhile in their life, to try to slander me in such ways is, at best, pathetic in their efforts.

People become scorn. It's a reality of life. If somebody decides that they are angry with me, unhappy with their purchase, or unhappy with my efforts on their behalf, there are ways to discuss these issues privately, and like adults. This, however, is something they're clearly incapable of doing.

The more than 30,000 clients I've helped would corroborate my claims. In the end, if I am only to succeed for 90-95% of my clients, and I can go to bed each evening knowing that I have done my very best to help them, out of love, and compassion, than I am a very happy person, and I shall continue to be.

to Lady Heather Claire #601353

You never offered me my money back I persisted and persisted politely and don't believe her lies overwhelming evidence is against you! Always blaming someone else it is never you that is wrong is it? I have tipped off all your clients on Ebay about your fraudlent past on Creepyhollows

Woking, England, United Kingdom #580200

SHE IS NOW OPERATING ON EBAY AS co5mic_guru .Selling $2 rings for $20 and pretending they are magic.

But she is making very few sales.She must be desperate for cash.


its funny how lilly bernall can move area in 7 days look at the come from above message :roll


I wasted over $300 on her spells.None of them worked and she wont refund me.

Lady Heather Claire of moonsblessings is only after money.:(


It isn't really of any importance who "Lady Heather Claire" really is.The important thing is that she is a fraudster.

A liar and a thief. All anyone has to do is read the NUMEROUS complaints about her on the web. Check out the absolutely terrible feedback moonsblessings has on ebay. You can still see it...

although the account was deleted by ebay for fraud.Don't be a victim.


"Heather Claire" stole my money on Ebay and then did some digging found conclusive evidence and countless victims of her Fraud.I am sure she gave my money to charity!!!!

So this is why I am doing this, putting a stop to her scams.Likes to play the innocent victim and come up with lots of BS


Heather and Frank are "Lady Heather's" step-daughter, and son in law, genius. You don't even know the Woman's real name, and assume that it's Heather? C'mon now. I've heard all about you "Shaun Farrington", you compulsive, disgusting human being. Her name is Claire, she'd tell you that much at least.

You're no computer sleuth, "Shaun" you're a sad, demented individual that is obviously so baron of anything worthwhile in your life that you focus on something like trying to harm a Woman that gives almost everything she makes to CHARITY! I can't stand this anymore, it's making my blood boil.

I'm sure that you "Shaun" are the same lunatic that was behind the blatant lies on that creepy hollows site.

Find something better to do with your time you sad, sad little man.


Yes, this is common knowledge.She is a well known SCAM artist.

Many people have complained about the money she STOLE from them and the fake cheap "magickal" items she sold with outrageous stories saying they were powerful antique spirit vessels. If you have had dealing with her please write about it here to WARN people. She also claims to sells LOTTERY spells. One would think if she could make people win the lottery she could afford to pay someone to make her a decent website - but she uses a cheap, tacky "weebly" website with terrible graphics and photos.

Moonsblessings and "Lady" Heather Claire are a disgrace.AVOID them


Lady Heather Claire is actually Heather Agger Peavey and Frank Peavey, Jr. They are a ***-artist couple out of Maine who take advantage of people with a poor understanding of metaphysics. The only magic they can accomplish is making your money vanish


I am on a mission to stop "Heather Claire" she is a *** artist improving my karma stopping her fraud and ripping people off informing everyone of her blatant lies and scams.Just tells everyone what you want to hear.

Ask her a skype session or to post actual real digital photos of herself and see how far you will get. If you fall for her lies you would believe in those Nigerian email scams, even Stevie Wonder can see this is a scam. After presenting conclusive evidence and a whole host of victims of her frauds she will come up with a line of BS or act the innocent victim.

I am glad she was kicked off Ebay now is trying to scam people with her website and facebook.Informed Better Business Bureau and they are investigating and think she should be in jail for fraud

to Shaun Farrington #587027

My girlfriend and I both got money spells from

before going to Atlantic City. We bet each other who would get the most

money after getting the spell. My contact with

was really refreshing and he seemed confident I’d win big. When we got

to Atlantic City, we both played Blackjack all night long. At the end

of the night, she and I had both won over seventy thousand dollars. I

won the bet and I have to thank for that. I’m

hooked on for all my money needs. Thank you, ! Much respect, Andrea


So you believe your karma will be improved if you spread hate????


Heather Claire are whoever is behind this has scammed countless people.You can tell the reviews on this be "Heather Claire" why would several people jump to her defense in the same day?

Don't be guilable people. She is a fantasist and complusive liar. If she was capable of doing everything she claimed they would be on chat shows and television shows not hiding behind a fake facebook profile common sense should tell you this.

Been working on taking this fraudster down hate seeing anyone ripped off I am working on improving my Karma.She said she believe in karma I would be extremely worried if I was in her shoes


Oh and Shaun Farrington....since you're so busy with pointing your finger at someone who you believe use a fake name then at least step forward with your own. It's hard to believe a man who blames someone else for something while doing exactly the same himself.


If you think she's a fraud then don't buy from her.That's sooooo easy.

And seriously if you expect a spell to work then you should have your reality checked.Nobody can make stuff like that happen.


This is BS moons blessings reading are very accurate, this angry customer must have nothing else to do than write bad about others.


I can't speak as to whether someones magick is the best or not, or whether their magick will work out for you, just the way you wanted, I don't know enough about magick to say that, but I CAN SAY that Heather Claire has treated me fairly both times I've purchased items from her, and that she was always very informative and responded promptly to my emails, and even when I had a problem with my payment(a personal matter) she was very understanding and forgiving and didn't give me negative feedback, but allowed me additional time to complete my payment....something that most sellers aren't normally going to do. She's treated me with respect, and I don't know why someone would trash her name online....if you don't like the wears she sells, or if you don't trust her, don't buy from her...but I did, and I don't regret it.


Trust me, she's well aware of the postings on Creepy Hollows, and she's addressed that not only to me, but to many, many of her customers.The "couple" everyone wants to think is Claire (Her real name), is her step-daughter and son-in-law.

The person that made up all of those lies about Lady Heather was once a customer of hers, and then went on and became a metaphysical seller!

So who's the fraud?If you people are too simple minded to figure this out than find someone else that's less genuine, and purely loving than Claire, she's an Angel, and I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS, she doesn't deserve this garbage.


Moonsblessings has spell and item descriptions on her site right now she has copied word for word from several other sites.I recognized several and have already informed the real owners.

Many in the metaphysical community know about this couple.

They were outed a couple of years ago on a large metaphysical forum board with indisputable proof and left eBay soon after.i hope one of the people she copied comes after her for plagiarism.


This is ridiculous.Heather is a completely legitimate person and friend of mine!

I have known her, and her family since we went to school together in the 1960's. She's an incredible, and talented Lady that does nothing but work hard for her community, and for local charities! What a joke this is!

How dare you say such irresponsible and false things?Shame on you.

to Lilly Bernall #988040

If she was actually legit and it was her daugher and son in-law, why don't they share their life & stories on Facebook???And even more important, show their true selves on Youtube??? Everyone who is legit can do this, that's how simple it is to me...That's how I determine for me at least to see IF the person is real. And if you cannot search for them via a phone number & address or a different person comes up, they are fraudsters to me!All none legitamite scammers will answer requests of proving their identity with phrases like "I do not have to prove myself"...Yeah sure nobody has to do anything, but IF you are the real deal, why in the world wouldn't you WANT TO PROVE yourself??????


Lady Heather Claire is actually Heather Agger Peavey and Frank Peavey, Jr. They are a ***-artist couple out of Maine who take advantage of people with a poor understanding of metaphysics. The only magic they can accomplish is making your money vanish.


Every spell is a fake spell.Get real , you might as well flushed your money down the toilet.

How dumb can people be to beleive in spells!:zzz

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